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Gourmet Ice Cream

Our Eggless Ice Cream is made to order, so please allow 72 hours to process and complete your order

Ice cream Jars 

Apple a la mode- Layers of apple pie, salted caramel, biscoff crumbles and vanilla ice cream Topped with toasted cinnamon walnuts and caramel drizzle

Banana foster bread pudding- toasted cinnamon sugar croissant bread pudding with banana foster chunks, caramel ice cream

Classic red velvet- Red cake, cheesecake chunks, vanilla candied pecan ice cream, cream cheese icing

Cereal milk- chunks of vanilla cake, fruity pebble crunchies and cereal milk ice cream


Cupcake Sundae box

All sundaes are individaully packed, so you can build on your own time

Birthday Party- Fruity Pebble Bowl, Funfetti Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Fruity Pebble Crunchies, Whipped Cream, Strawberry Glaze

Brownie- Waffle Bowl, Brownie chunks, Oreo Ice Cream, Caramel, Chocolate syrup, Chocolate Chips, Whipped Cream


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