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Bakery Studio

6 People- $59.70

Cupcake Sundae Bar is a fun interactive dessert bar for parties or office event

Build your own Cupcakes inside a waffle bowl and top with ice cream and toppings.


Cake Flavors- Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Red Velvet and Blue Velvet

Ice Cream Flavors- Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter Pecan and Cheesecake

Toppings- Chocolate Sauce, Strawberry Sauce, White Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce, Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, Marshmallows, Chocolate Candies, Nuts, Fresh Fruit, Whipped Cream

Cupcake Box Kit $30.00

Gluten Free &n Vegan $36.00

Vegan and Gluten-Sensitive Options Available. Standard Kit includes 6 naked cupcakes of your choice (2 of the same flavor), 3 icings, 3 toppings, a spatula, and a step-by-step guide. 


Red Velvet|Red Velvet Marble|Marble|Blueberry Velvet

Pistachio|Chocolate|Vanilla|Funfetti|Cookie N Cream|

Graham Cracker|Cinnamon Swirl|Sweet Potato|

Vanilla Chocolate Chip|Carrot-No Nuts

Buttercream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies N Creme, Red Velvet

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